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For over 30 years we have been passionate and avid distributors of pedestrian safety articles and have become a market leader in this important sector.

Associated with the large range of REFLEXline products you will find detailed information about related Certificates and their relevance to road safety. The branding possibilities depend on the article. TALMU and other hard plastic items can be screen or pad printed according the logo. Reflexite® soft reflectors and safety wraps/snap bands can be screen printed in a variety of ways. Feel free to design the branding you would like – a final control will be made to ensure that the requirements of the EN 13356 are fully respected.

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The EN 13356 Became Law in July 2001

Pedestrian reflectors are part of the personal safety equipment as strictly defined in the above mentioned EN statute. TALMU reflectors are produced  according to these requirements, are tested and certified. The documentation is signed by TÜV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH. The CEN-wide No. is  BP600028140001. The primary seller takes responsibility for the products. We bear this responsibility. You are safe with us.

Philosophy and Benefits

A pedestrian, not wearing a reflector, is only visible from about 30 m to a driver using „low beam“. If the car is moving at 80 km/h, it will cover a distance of 22 metres in a second. This means, that the driver has only 1 to 2 seconds to react. With a TALMU reflector a pedestrian can be seen at 150 metres distance.  In this case the driver has more than 5 seconds to react, thanks to the reflector´s extremely high reflective power.


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