Our repertory

The mixdline offers many iconic, playful and useful advertising articles. Beside seat cushions and balls you`ll find our voluminous SQUEEZIE®-assortment. Furthermore we show proven and new  microfibre cloth and eyeglasses cases.

Due to our figure „Mr. BERT®“ there is a revival of the SQUEEZIES® for many years. To guarantee short delivery times, we offer a wide assortment ex warehouse. The models, that are not on stock are labelled with “P.O.D” (Production on Demand).

Stuff for fans
Here we show articles, that every fan needs. Hand clapper for noisy support, the stylish silicon bracelets TRU:LUPs® and first of all balls. The very popular softballs are also suited for children under 3 years.

Beside the popular microfibre cloth this group also includes the robust canvas bags with reflective stripes and our long runner: the grain pillows, which can be used hot or cold. Furthermore we offer individual makings in different sizes and colours.


Warehouse stock


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